Friday, 5 October 2012

Bali: Alam Bali Agriculture, Tegallalang

I am luwak @ fox

spices from the farm 

coffee beans 

luwak coffee beans

Here’s how this No. 1 coffee brew is made. In places like Sumatra, Java and Bali (Indonesia) etc where coffee trees or shrubs are commercially raised, wild civet cat may be found. These ringtailed nocturnal mammals are unparalleled cherry pickers. In the dead of night when everything is still during the coffee season months from November to March these civet cat will climb up the coffee trees, smell the coffee fruits and eat all it can the most ripe, mature and red coffee cherries. In the stomach the coffee beans will undergo fermentation which explains the exotic taste of the coffee brew. It is said that bitter and other undesirable taste of the coffee are eliminated during the fermentation process. Then these coffee beans are excreted by the civet cats intact as feces which are collected during daylight and cleaned well. A coffee producer had said to vouchsafe the fact that Kopi Luwak are washed and cleaned more than hand-picked premium coffees in the market. (source from google)

cocoa, ginseng coffee, lemon & ginger, ginger tea. all for free

Luwak coffee, IDR 50k @ RM 16.40. Dunno why, but i heart Starbucks Coffee more than this most expensive coffee. Tak biasa minum kot..

Having coffee and all the hot drinks in the cold breezy wind was so refreshing. If there was plenty of time I would love to stay longer. But we were running out of time to reach Kintamani for lunch.

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