Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bali : Costing

Before I start  telling you guys about my 4d3n journey to Bali, let me share  some info on costing for this vacation. (This cost is per pax).

Air Asia return ticket +luggage - RM 200

Pak Supir                               - RM 164

Hotel                                     - RM 250

Meals                                    - RM 230

Painting of Sukawati                - RM 170

Cultural / ticket / activity         - RM 160

Tidbits & In-flight meals           - RM 63

Sourvenirs                              - RM 180

LRT & Skybus (one way)           - RM 12

Bali Orchid Spa                       - RM 115

GRAND TOTAL                           - RM 1545

This is my actual cost. It might be different from yours depending on your hotel selection and shopping madness hehehe. I just played safe on shopping bcos I'm a budget traveller. Nonetheless I personally think that I spent too much on paintings. I would never do that in KL. But I just fell in love with those paintings of Sukawati. Takpelah, bukan hari2 pegi Bali huhuhu..so bear with my entries about Bali after this. There's gonna be a lot of piccas..enjoice! 

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Mr & Mrs Sallehudin said...

waaaaa... pegi Bali tak ajakk :p