Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bali: Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

Beach busker

Kangkung goreng belacan


Sotong sambal pedas giler

Entertainment during dinner

Sotong goreng tepung

room service for supper, Alfredo Spagetti  IDR 61 000 @ RM 20

It was already dark at 7pm exactly like Sabah. Couldn't manage to catch  the most beautiful sunset in Jimbaran. But it's OK. I caught 1.5kg of squids and asked them to make 2 type of dishes. Sotong tepung & sotong sambal. We were hungry like gorrila but couldn't finish those squids. Tapau and continue eating in the room. Room service damage for dinner was IDR 253 575 @ RM 83.20.

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