Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bali: The Journey

Yeah..this time my travelmate is Pjot. 4d3n to Bali was also a photography course for Pjot conducted by myself bcos I shoot better pictures than she do. I should have done this when I was in Krabi with Azi :p

All hand carry luggages

Hye, my name is Eliza

Gombak is awesome, got LRT hehe

Peace from Gombakan

Moving fast

Never had enough Chatime, on the ground, above the clouds

Just the two of us, vacant seat next to me

My mom sent us to Terminal Putra Gombak. We took LRT to KL Sentral and had our lunch at Rasamas. After that we hop on Skybus and headed to LCCT. A smooth 1 hour journey put us in ample time for check-in process. We happily used the automatic gate at the immigration checkpoint. So easy babe.

We touched down at Ngurah Rai 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. Pak Isme our supir was waiting with "Ms. Ezatul Eliza" signage at the airport exit. He brought us to the car which was driven by someone else, Pak Guntur. Next, dinner at Jimbaran.


NM02 said...

jom p bercuti sama2 nak...

Elle Kamarudin said...

jom jom!nak gi mana?