Saturday, 22 June 2013

Post-exam Escapade : Cameron Highlands

Early morning on the last paper day I brought mama to Shah Alam. I finished answering 30 objective qs and 1 essay q within 1n1/2 hr. So at 10.30 we started our journey up to the north. It took 2 hrs to reach Tapah from Shah Alam and another 2 hrs from Tapah to Cameron Highlands. We arrived Brinchang just in time for check in at Silverstar Hotel. Enjoy these photos!

At Lavender Garden
Must have menu @ Cameron, the scones. 
Bharat Tea House, Kuala Terla.
Aku dan bunga ros memang serasi 

Strawberry milkshake and waffle with stobeghi eskerim

Menu di atas makan di sini

  Nice roof deco
Langit dan bumi tapi serasi

Flowery heart of mine you just cannot imagine
Big stobeghi

Momma and tea leaves
Tertunai sudah hajat mama nak bersejuk2 sebelum Ramadhan
Baju purple tema lavender
Ni tema harimau

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