Sunday, 20 April 2014

Part Time Maid by ProCleaners

It has been a while since I made a major house spring cleaning. Nak kayuh pelan2 sensorang tak larat so I made some arrangement for cleaning services. After some googling session on Friday afternoon I made an appointment with ProCleaners ( to come on Saturday. 

The deal was like this.

2 maids
3 hours
RM 100

But it turned out like this

3 maids
2.5 hours

They promised to come at 2 pm but showed up earlier when I was still terbongkang on the bed at 9 am. Luckily my room's door was opened so I could hear when they rang the bell. Kalau tak korang tekan la sampai petang huhuhu.

I was blessed by the list of tasks to be done which I pin on the fridge. So I could delegate the tasks smoothly.

-upstairs bathroom
-vacuum all carpets of 3 rooms
-fold the carpets and mop the floor
-wipe 2 ceiling fans
-clean 3 table fans
-wipe all the shelves, dressing tables, and study table
-change the bedsheets
-sweep the floor
- vaccum the stairs carpet
-clean the downstairs bathroom
-vaccum the carpets of living and dining.
-fold the carpet n mop the floor
-wipe all the shelves
-clean the kitchen esp wet kitchen
-scrub and wash the porch
-change the dining table cloth

2 additional tasks which they volunteered to do just to kill the extra time.
Fold 2 basket of clothes
Ironed 6 pairs of my baju kurung.

1 task which I asked the maid to stop doing.

Buang debu celah grille which I feel so time consuming and not that crucial.

I monitored closely on their job. I am not fussy but just being detail. Contohnya bila cuci toilet bowl bukan belah dalam saja. Tapi yang luar sekali which u have to dive, squat or whatever it is. Mase upstairs bathroom I asked the maid to re-clean so bila yg bawah dia dah faham. Cuma bab bilik air ni aku touch up jugak sendiri sampai puas hati. Macam tempat sabun yg melekat kat dinding tu kena la sental bagi takde taik2 sabun tu kan. Hose air kena buang daki2 hitam and the mirror..owhh..

All in all ok la jugak their service..just that u have to monitor and tell them what to do. Lepas dorang balik aku sambung sapu laman and pangkas2 skit pokok bunga morning glory. Aku suka pagi2 nak pi keja the flowers blooming and cheer my day.   

Petang ni terajin pulak masak sebab dah jemu makanan beli..makan la dengan mama berdua. 


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