Thursday, 18 June 2020

While in Heaven, Royal Chulan Cherating Chalet

A long-distance drive somewhere in October 2019 brought us to Cherating

Pit- stop brunch at Lemang To'Ki in Bentong to get Mama's favourite dishes

Smooth traffic up to the East Coast

As soon as we arrived, the room was ready for an early check-in

Woody touch giving a cosy ambience to the room 

Chalets are in garden setting

No choice, 1 level up - Mama gotta climb the staircase. 

Living room


Swim baby swim

As we stroll along together. No! 
While Mama was sleeping :p

Evening drive to the neighbouring state

Late Lunch at Restoren Farhan and Tea Time at Hai Peng Kemaman

Back at the hotel before sunset

Appreciating arts which were displayed at the hotel lobby

 The next morning, we had delish Nasi Dagang during breakfast

And it was raining cats and dogs until check-out time 

Where's my bananaaaaa

Short stay for the win, next!

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Beach Escapade, Thistle Port Dickson

A quick escape from Kuala Lumpur during 2020 new year holidays brought us to Port Dickson. It was an undecided movement whether to go or not to go and I suddenly wrongly booked the room for 11 nights instead of 1 night, owh silly me! I was literally panicking around after getting text message from my bank - RM2000++ was charged for the booking. Luckily Agoda arranged for the refund accordingly after 2 days and the process was swift. 

What I remember is the room's occupancy was high during that time, could see the coffee house was crowded during breakfast and swimming pool is packed with hotel guests. I had my swimwear with me but the appetite to swim was not really burning. So I skipped that little bit fun time of mine and walked with Mama to the beach.

Mama with her magic stick walked slowly and we sat at the bench by the infinity pool overlooking the mundane seaside of Port Dickson. After that we went out looking for dinner and bought some fruits for snacking.  

The next day we had pretty good breakfast spread and checked out from the hotel. Then straightly heading to Pedas for another gastronomic adventure.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Birthday Getaway, Novotel Taiping

Happy Birthday Mama on September 7th, may you always be in the blessings of Allah. This picture was taken during dinner at Mee Udang Mak Jah. Apparently the place was not crowded unlike our past 3 visits. Mee Udang was served swiftly in less than 15 minutes, the prawns were fresh while the gravy was thick, enough to the perfection.

We stayed at the Superior Room which comes with 2 single beds and super comfy pillows. The room have a majestic view of Bukit Larut that I've yet to find the opportunity to climb up to the top. Insya'Allah in many years to come with a better shape and health I'll come to conquer you, or? Just hop on the jeep service :p

I still don't believe that I dive into the crowded pool that evening competing with all the kids. I should be more empathetic and give more swimming space to the kiddos. Owh I never had enough swimming sessions. I just love pool, sorry kids!

The next morning walk to Taiping Lake Garden while Mama was still sleeping.  

Holy tree is telling the road who's more powerful

Normal thing at this place called lake

I am so fond of flowers

Reflection is obvious, focus a little bit to get an answer.

 Smile, it it sadaqah!

Brand consumption

We went up to Penang for lunch at Restoren Minah and made a pit stop at Design Village outlet on the way back to KL. Well that's how our short birthday getaway ended.