Friday, 31 October 2008

Annual leave sempena PTK

Baca buku kah?Huhuhuhu...amik cuti 2 hari...konsep study last minute lah ni..buku2 Perintah Am ngan PKPA tu..leh la rebus minum air...tebal tu..siap pinjam buku Pelan Integrasi Nasional & Tonggak 12 kat library INTAN Bukit Kiara...konon nak lepas aras IV la ni hahaha..
tapi tengok ape ku buat hari ni..buku ke mana aku ke mana..dah la semalam hibernate dalam bilik..pagi tadi duduk tak duduk teringat meatball ikea tu...terus zass gi ikea..brunch kat sana..tamak haloba amik 15 ketol ok..nak abiskan 10 pon dah mengah huhuhuh..mkn kek daim tu pon da tak nikmat..tak ronda dlm ikea tu..pi cafe je..tak larat da..
tapi masih semangat cross jalan gi the curve...sebab nak kejar 1 pint aiskrim. hari ni kan 31st...takde queue pjg kat BR the curve..elok je smp terus tapau jamoca+butter pecan..zass balik rumah..semata2 kan gi balik 40km sebab nak makan..larat??aku mmg pencinta makanan lalalalala...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sambutan Raya MATRADE

Me & Haza

Mana pulak dtg kopie Satu nih?

Faiyz, Tuan Pudin, Omar, Cik Amy

Pengat pisang , bubur ca ca


Segala macam rendang tok nenek

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

rOnDa2 Midvalley & The Gardens

This is Andrew. My YM friend. We have been planning to meet each other for years but only manage to get the chance today hehehe..he is a teacher at an International school in KL. Owh ya he is originally from England, sometimes I find its quite hard to catch his British accent. Aku angguk2 kan aje la huhuhuh...he has been staying at Malaysia for quite sometime.

That is my apple pie. Lebih malam semalam hehehe..bought 2 of it. Tak abis ku bawak le takut lapo time gi workshop tu. Punya la sekejap ca ya nun alip tu wat keje..dah la dia tak nak polish satu kete..patut aa Sogo bagi panel dia. Kedekut gile..ceh..sib baik tak jauh bengkel tu. Yang penting segala scratch telah ilang dengan jayanya.

Lama jugak la kitorang borak kat coffee bean tuh..tapi yang banyak cakapnye dia je la..banyak betul cerita cikgu mmg suka membebel kaedahnya hahaha..aku mencelah sekali-sekala je la..sambil menyedut ice blended mocha tu..biase minum starbucks frappucino, coffee bean boleh kata tak pernah la. Aku dok perati coffee bean ni tak pack mcm starbukcs. Sebab ape pon aku kurang pasti, location wise aku rase tade la tersorok pon..jangan sebab tak halal sudah...mati la dah abis satu gelas muahhaah..

Ni kete sape pulak?? Saje testing camera phone kan hehehe..sambil jalan2 kat Robinson tu. Siap buat member card lagi. Robinson member card free je. Tetiap kali beli ade 5% rebate. Memula aku pikir ape benda la aku boleh beli kat Robinson ni..sure la mahal2 semuanya..satu handbag aku angkat dah 1k. Fuh..mintak maap zahir batin la..tapi dah aku ronda dan belek2..adala juga mende yang still berade dalam reasonable price zone. Cam baju bebudak-Hallmark, K-Red, bedsheet-akemi,cannon. Maybe sbb tgh dalam anniversary sale kot. Kalau tade sale rasenye kim salam je lah.

We watched a movie at GSC Midvalley. A crazy one - DISASTER MOVIE. He bought the tickets on Thursday. Rajin betul gi beli kat kaunter. Kalau aku online je heheh..yeahh disaster movie ni ala2 scary movie la. Combination of banyak2 scene dlm movie lain cam Hancock, Batman, Desperate Housewive..and citer die mmg lawak abis!! Tak senonoh pon ade..taik melekat kat muka la..pompuan pregnant breakdance..sampai kuar kaki anak la..mmg tunggang terbalik hahahah..anyway, we did have fun! Andrew, thanks for choosing that movie!
After that makan time...midvalley..I was spoiled for choices. Tapi dah brape hari teringat sos yang extra hot we ended up having lunch at nandos.

Sparkling apple for me and ice lemon tea for him.

Nandos burger anyone?

Rase rugi lak pilih kebab sebab sikit je ayam dier.. I thought kebab dia come with lebanese bread ke..rupanya cam satay je..ape2 pon zillion thanks to Andrew for the nice outing. See you next time.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Hello Sony, bye bye Moto

My old pink moto W375- RM 60 trade in

Thank you moto, u served me well for 1 year and 2 months. I am not making an excuse to let you go. But God knows how desperate I am to have a good camera phone. The red sony cybershot digicam is not functioning well anymore. I decided not to buy a new camera but instead just get a new camera phone. Sony Ericcson K550i suits my taste very well. And due to budget constraint, I cant opt for a higher spec phone. It comes with Cybershot camera, 2 megapixel. I think I am fully aware, I was not spell with black magic by the chinese guy hahaha...nape la aku cam senang je beli henpon kat pertama...selama ni mmg aku beli kat Sg Wang je..hopefully this new gadget will last for a longer time...and for the meantime, still be secretive from mama...or not, kena bebel la

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Open house sana sini


Kak Ila Orix, Keramat Wangsa

Shazana Matrade, Jln Enggang Timur
-Nasi tomato


Izyan Matrade, Tmn Dato Harun(sesat barat carik umah dier)
-nasi minyak
-nasi lemak(power betul rendang kerang ngan sambal sotong)

My sis, Ukay Perdana
-mee kari
-puding banjir
-kek kukus gula hangus

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Be careful of SOGO's parking

You could be the next victim!
The parking bar hit my dear Viva just now.
Alhamdulillah, there was no major damage.
Only long scratch on top of the car,
and small dent at the side mirror.
I logged a complaint at Sogo's customer service dept.
They will come back to me on Monday, hopefully. (for the gantirugi)
If not I will write to The Star and Utusan.
And racun all my clans not to shop at Sogo.
I was totally pissed off this evening.
I am bad when I am mad.
Dont play2 aaa..

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Dates are very popular during fasting month. Almost every muslim home has a stock of date for breaking fast. The same thing goes to mine. I bought the dates at one wholesaler outlet at Taman Bolton. I opted for Bam dates which have soft texture and my father like the Mariami dates. There are also medjool, safia, ajwah(Kurma nabi if I'm not mistaken) and many more.That is during ramadhan. Dates is quite pricey back then but after raya comes dates are not that popular anymore. Yesterday I dropped by again at Tesco (whoaa...why am I so addicted to Tesco). I dont have any idea for dinner and just want to reccee the chicken or meat or fish. Ended up buying 1/2 bird of ayam percik. Also grabbed this 'kurma bertangkai' Yusuf Taiyoob for a mere RM 3.50..owhh I guess how much is the cost for the Bam dates?Only RM 2.00. The expiry date is December 2009. The kurma bertangkai are so fresh..still juicy but too sweet..I ate nearly 10 of them until my mum menjeling sambil buat muka. So before she starts preaching me better I keep those dates inside the fridge muahahaha...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Relaxing on my bed

Blogging from home is quite relaxing, you dont have to pretend like you are doing some work whenever your boss passes by hehehehe..rite now I am YMing with my dear Fairuz...she also at home and got the same boredom like mine. Ahh.. what to type aaa..just now I cooked ayam masak merah and gulai sardin for dinner. No complaint from the two judges so I guess it is just alright. I dropped by at Tesco after office hours to do quick shopping. Onions, garlics, king cup sardines, eggs, evaporated milk, a bottle of strawberry bliss and canned mocha milo cost me RM 15.85. The value of money is shrinking huh?Anyway the new price for 1 litre of petrol is going to be RM 2.30 by this midnite..alhamdulillah.

Have you ever try eating banana fritters with vanilla ice cream?If you dont, better have a sister always tell me about that particular menu she had at Madam Kwan. Owh ya.. I didnt try at Madam Kwan but its a homemade banana fritters with vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas from Fairuz's garden. Like this, u deep fry the ripe bananas soaked in the Tepung Goreng Pisang Adabi. Put aside and scoop the vanilla ice cream (i used nestle) and sprinkle some honey if you like. The rest...I dont have to describe hehehe..

Actually I want to share the laksa recipe but my tiny recipe book left downstairs..very lazy to go down...I wanna doze off..daa..

OK this is the laksa recipe (originally adopted from Kak Cik)

Bahan2-Approximately 8 orang makan

1 kg ikan kembung + ikan sardin
15 biji cili kering
1 sudu mkn belacan
1 ulas bawang putih
1 sudu kecik aji
1 1/2 mkn budu
10 asam keping
2 serai dititik
1 btg bunga kantan

-daun selon
-cili padi
-bunga kantan


-blend cili + belacan + bwg putih
-rebus ikan bubuh asam, 3 keping +garam
-Tos air, ketepikan tulang
-Blend ikan
-Blend tulang amik air
-Rebus sekaligus ikan +cili+belacan+bwg putih
-Campak daun kesum, asam keping, bunga kantan, garam, gula


Monday, 13 October 2008

Recession is coming

Make your own judgment, don't panic !! Do what is wise. Therecession looks very eminent. It is really time to take pro activesteps to avoid a painful time in the next two years which is how long the recession is expected to last.

1. Don't take any loans, buy homes, properties with loans, or even cash. Keep as much cash as possible.
2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened.
3. Sell any stocks you can even at lower prices.
4. Take money off from Trust Funds.
5. Don't believe in huge sales forecast from customers, be extremely prudent, lowest inventories, reduce liabilities.
6. Don't invest in new capital.
7. If you are selling homes/ properties/ cars , do it now, when you can get good prices, they are going to fall.
8. Don't invest in new business proposals.
9. Cancel holiday plans using credit cards. 10. Don't change jobs, as companies will retrench based on 'last in first out'. Stay cool, wait, and if you took all of the above actions and more, you probably will be better off then many.

This is not a rumor. Bear Stearns is the first of many banking andfinancial institutions that will start falling in the not too future.If Bear Stearns can fall, so can JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC, and thewhole world. US economy falls, the rest will crumble. India and all those selfeconomies will be the most protected, but not gullible. Europe may be alittle stronger, but not China , another giant! Malaysia will see significant impact.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Friday's long lunch hour

San Francisco Steakhouse, again at sis would like to have the grilled chicken set. Very nice, juicy and succulent chick meat.

and lamb shoulder for me...the taste is quite good...better than Chilis lamb shoulder cos it comes with black pepper gravy. Tomatoes soup and refillable soft drinks also included in the lunch set..

Our next destination is Rak Thai located at The Gardens. Terkenang2 dari last week...pulut+santan+mango.. tak best mana pon..tapi the mango ice is superb...luv it

This is for aboy 1st bday..penat woo carik ini menda..naik turun JJ nak carik yang 1 year punya