Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Master of IMC, IPS USM @ KL

Dear readers,

Sorry for the long hiatus. Caught up with work, assignments, personal things and whatnot.

I think in one of my previous entry I have mentioned about the intention to enroll for a master degree.I did apply for courses in UPM and USM but then I decided to accept the offer from USM. The registration day was on 17 February 2015 and now I'm already in week 5.

So why IMC? Why not MBA? OK this is tricky. I would say this is solely my personal humble opinion. I completed my 1st degree in business. I had gone through subjects like accounting, finance, statistics and many more and I don't want to go deep into those areas all over again. I mean if you're from engineering, IT or technical background then you'll find it's an interesting new journey to explore. For a business graduate like me, I personally feel that this MBA will be a redundancy. 
I was doing some research about MBA courses which being offered in all IPTAs and then IMC came into picture hehehe..I asked for opinions from Dr. Faiz (my thesis supervisor) and Kak Aiza(my senior back in SMAP Kajang) who just completed her PhD recently before making the final decision. I was left all alone because Kak Niza and Naser decided to further their study in UPM. With all the doubts, finally I went to Wisma Sejarah on the registration day hehehe..

So here I would like to share some information about this course.

Master of Communication (Integrated Marketing Communication) is being offered only at Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) in USM, KL. There are also another 2 courses namely Master of Art (Translation Studies) and Master in Sustainable Development Practice.Other master degrees for USM are offered either in main campus, Penang, medical campus, Kubang Kerian or engineering campus, Transkrian.
And what is so fantastic about IMC?  
IMC by definition is a strategic communication process that involves the planning, creation, integration,  implementation and evaluation of brand communication programs conducted across different touch points.

It's a minimum 3 semesters course for a full-time students and 4 semesters for a part-time students. The different between part time and full time is just the number of subjects you register. Full time students normally register for 5 subjects  for 1 semester while part time register only 2-3 subjects. We are still attending the same exact night/weekend class together. Classes will be on weekdays and weekends depending on which subjects you have registered.

For my 1st semester, I registered 3 subjects which carry 9 credits hours.
-Principles and Practices of IMC (3)
-International Advertising          (3)
-Branding Management              (3)

The school is located at Wisma Sejarah, Jalan Tun Razak in between of The National Library and Hospital Pusrawi. It is so convenient for me to commute either from Jalan Duta or Sri Gombak. That is one of the key factor in choosing the course. This is no more a distance learning method of study like I did for first degree. I have classes to attend every week.

Well I have a class on every Monday & Fiday (8-10 pm), and a class on every alternate Saturday (9.30 am-2.30 pm). Not so hectic but I could terribly feel the heat.. so nice resting and playing around from June 2014 after finished my final exam and now I am in trouble again.

I would recommend my fellow readers to browse through USM website for this course for more details. So far I am happy with the learning process, all great lecturers and a bundle of crazy classmates. 

Here is the link IMC @ USM KL 

Till the ideas meet my head again, bye!

Nubex's Product Launching @ Royale Chulan Damansara

Ku sesudah dikarikatur

Shamsul Ghau Ghau

Happy girls

Kartunis Ujang yang sungguh legend

Mr. Faizal, CEO Nubex

 My boss sedang dikarikatur

Mr. Carlos hehehe

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Malam Penghargaan 2015


Dany & I

Rakan semeja

Knock knock Elizabeth Tan

Aeril Zafrel versi MATRADE, Najmi.

@ wall of fame

Nak bergambar dengan pengacara majlis ade pulak yang menyelit

No luck for lucky draw. Balik je terus gilap cermin Tab 2 yang dapat 2 tahun lepas. Boleh pakai lagi ni hehehe..Berangan macam dapat Ipad ke Ipong 6..dream on...