Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Campus Life 2014 @ USM, Penang

Roti Tisu @ Kayu. Cubit-cubit sorang sikit, lama-lama habis.

Buggy ride from hostel to the lecture hall.

Pool view breakfast @ Anjung Budi.
Hot cappuccino and Cheesy egg sandwich.

Pigeons at Desasiswa Indah Kembara

 Next stop?

Tepi padang. Ushar mamat2 kekar main bola huhuhu

Tengah poyo present untuk Seminar Pengurusan

Morning glory beside Pusat Sejahtera


Peneman study!


The unique feature of USM's distance learning programme is their 1 month intensive course which allow the students to be a full-timer. We stay in the hostels, go to the lecture halls, attend lab sessions, full usage of the library exactly like the mainstream students. For more details please visit PJJ USM

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