Saturday, 13 June 2015

Balung Plantation, Merotai

The owner of this plantation is Tan Sri Harris Salleh, 
ex-Chief Minister of Sabah (middle)

They hosted a luncheon here in this restaurant. 
I still can taste and remember the softness of pucuk ubi kayu masak lemak cili api..heyy sedap betul hehehe..

Bunga kantan was so abundant that they could make a deco on the table. 
Sila cari di KL. Sekuntum RM5 hokehh!

The weather was scorching hot and sipping coconut juice was a bliss.

This is how the vanilla beans look like. 
This is in Sabah..yeahh vanilla beans bebeh!!

Ladang misai kucing @ Java Tea

It was a fruitful plantation tour. Though our body all aching because of the gravel road up and down the hill. Such a golden opportunity to see the other part of Malaysia, how they make a living and whatnot.

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