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Bangkok Dangerous 2016 (1st trip)

This is a throwback post. In August 2016, I went to Bangkok twice and this is my story for the first trip (5-8 August 2016)

Solo woman travellers are advised to take pre-cautions while embarking their journey. Be alert on the surroundings and do not ever underestimate the power of prayers. Inilah perjalanan takut-takut berani aku ke negara gajah putih. I fly from KLIA to Suvharnabum Airport with Malaysia Airlines. Suvharnabum Airport has a good connectivity train to the city compared to Don Mueang Airport (if you fly with Air Asia).

I remember that the luggage was delayed due to rain and I was terrified a bit due to bad experience on missing luggage during Perth 2015. Alhamdulillah my pinky luggage came after a while and I was good to go. My friend, Fiza who is staying in Sukhumvit already texted me asking me to take which train and warned me not to hop on the cab as the traffics were really congested during peak hours. Owh ya I bought local sim card at the airport for easy communication and instagramming moments during my stay in Bangkok (AIS mobile)

I really cannot remember the flow anymore. But I think I took 2 different train lines to reach my hotel, Mac Boutique Hotel at Sukhumvit Soi Nana. I reached the hotel in the rainy night, wet and damn tired. Hmm Bang Jemir the former Assistant Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Bangkok was also very helpful in providing information prior to this trip. Thanks Bang Jemir. May you always be in the pink of health, amin.

Yeah the next morning I felt so fresh and energetic to start my first out and about in Bangkok. Earlier in the morning before Subuh, I woke up to check the 3rd semester result and I was so happy seeing that I scored A- for Data Analysis class! USM campus online stuck and jammed the night before due to high traffic of student checking for result. Right after that Man the current ATC of MATRADE Bangkok showed up at the hotel to fetch me for jalan2 trip to Pattaya & Rayong which is another 2 hours drive from Bangkok.

Here I managed to have some networking with the Malaysian officials who are working in Bangkok. They are from Wisma and MOA. 

I found that nothing beats our Malaysian Durian. Siamese Durian is served when the flesh is still firm. Not nice IMHO. Owh I miss Musang King!

Makan la sebanyak mana yang larat. Tadi dah bayar THB 400 dekat entrance

Back in Bangkok City we went to support Malaysian netball team for final match of whatever championship that I cannot remember now and also forgot whether they win or lose. Man hosted a lovely dinner at Yana Resturant which is located in MBK Mall. It is a famous restaurant among Malaysians. The foods were so mouthwatering and surprisingly I can still remember the tastiness of pucuk labu goreng belacan. Selalu kite makan kangkung goreng belacan je kan hehehe

My crib for another 2 nights at Man's place in Sathorn. Pinkish, warm and cosy, buka tingkap and it's overlooking Sathorn Rd and the next building (MATRADE Bangkok office) dah masuk 3rd day in Bangkok. Nak pegi Chatuchak Weekend Market and malls hopping

Cendol Bangkok yang sedap!

Rest and refresh at Fiza's place in Wattana Suites, Sukhumvit

Lunch in Kumpoon at Central World

Their Mackerel Fried Rice is to die for!

Getting some ideas for #ellejuicingjourney packaging

I really love this packaging!

Time ni Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart belum masuk our Malaysian market. Sedap sangat mase makan tu. Sekarang dengan Tokyo Secret la Pablo semua dah bersepah..tak rajin teringin pulek hehe

Hasil shopping kat Boots. Ya Allah..tak boleh tahan tengok benda - benda ni semua

Another treat from Man at Briyani House. And his wife, Ana cooks delicious nasi lemak too! And it brought me again to Bangkok 2 weeks later..rindu nasi lemak Ana punye pasal!

Courtesy visit to MATRADE office, met Khun Niqman the Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Bangkok. Now both Man & Mr. Niqman are already back in HQ.

Coffee is always a good idea
Killing some time at Siam Paragon before heading to the airport.

If you are a candle enthusiast and happen to be in Chatuchak, look for this candle because it's so lovely. I bought 4 of them (royal jasmine/ lemongrass). It contains soy candle, the smell is so refreshing yet calming at the same time. And that Tipco pomegranate juice is also super nice! Must buy item if  I go to Thailand!

Last but not least..some drama at the end of the trip. I managed to jot down on my FB wall...cheers!

8 Ogos 2016, 18:33, Suvarnabhum Airport

Ok dah drop bag dan dapat boarding pass. Sekarang nak cerita.

-Drama petang Isnin di Bangkok-

Tadi naik BTS dari Siam Station to Phaya Thai interchange- Airport Rail Link to Suvharnabhum

Aku carry 1 luggage 24 inches, 1 backpack dan 1 handbag. Luggage tu 20kg berat dia.

Turun tren kat Phaya Thai aku tanya ada sorang Thai gentleman yang putih dan smart. Comel gilaa rasa nak lipat2 masuk dalam luggage bawak balik KL hehehe..

EE: Do you know where is the elevator?

Comel Thai Guy: (Looking round) Wait naa.. I'll look around.

Then dia datang balik..

Comel Thai Guy: I couldn't find any but it's OK. I can help you carry the bag downstairs.

EE: But it's really heavy (Sambil buat muka terharu macam baru dipinang kekasih hati).

Comel Thai Guy: It's OK I carry for you (Terus capai luggage pink gue dan tatang bagai minyak yang penuh turun tangga dalam 25 steps. Serius tinggi).

EE:(Gue mula berimaginasi liar bahawa akulah yang sedang ditatang oleh si comel itu, terus lenggang kangkung ikut turun).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dia senyum dan berlalu pergi, angel of mine..

Tu je mampu nak cakap. Lupa langsung thank you dalam Thai.

Sekian drama pendek penuh kesyukuran. Harap peminat saya semua terhibur. K bye.

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