Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hatyai: Sulaiman Restaurant & Angel Travel Service

After unwind and refreshing myself with power shower I went down and roaming around the hotel. I found Sulaiman Restaurant and had lunch. Why la so pricey?? Nasi putih, telur dadar, tomyam seafood and fresh orange ripped 170 bath from my pocket. Nasib baik taste boleh tahan so bayar je la..lagipun semalam baru gaji hahaha..feeling acik kayo makan kek restoran!

And then I made some arrangement with this travel agent which located beside Sulaiman Restaurant. Half day tour to Hatyai Cable Car, Samila Beach @ Songkhla, Klonghae Floating Market using Toyota Innova priced at 1900 baht (including cable car tix). For me it's quite expensive but traveling with elderly you can't be so calculative about money and compromise in terms of comfort. What I want to say is if I, myself traveling with my friends I would just hop on the tuktuk, stand the heat and save my money hahaha.

Yes! Sekali lagi feeling mak encik duduk berdua kat belakang sejuk2 macam pelancong sangat! huhuhu

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