Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Sushi Tei @ Pavilion on New Year 2014

Partner in crime during new year

Me @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion

Cream cheese ice cream


Cheesy oyster


Salmon sashimi

Tofu with unagi  

We went to Pavilion later in the evening to have some meals and watching movie. The night before my partner in crime was on duty at Dataran Merdeka for emergency medical team. Hence, no morning @ afternoon outing to avoid crankiness due to insufficient sleep time. We tried a few new menus but not to forget my favourite salmon sashimi. The Secret Life of Mitty Walter was a great movie for a brand new year kick start. Avoid too much of contemplating and just do it!!


Mr & Mrs Sallehudin said...

Semua ni menu yg ko order ke.?

Elle Kamarudin said...

Yup and ada a few moving plates yang tak dan nak snap hehehe. Macam salmon skin n tako tao