Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday morning breakfast @ That Latte Place

Some sort of motivation to be a morning person during weekends is to have a good breakfast. My partner in crime who just finished night shift met me  there and we indulged in the best egg benedict in town!
Those pics really made some friends on FB and IG go meleleh.  So here is the direction to reach That Latte Place.
That Latte Place is located in Persiaran Ritchie off Jalan Ampang. If you're coming from MRR2 and heading to Jalan Ampang, this place will be on your left side.
The tricky part is the signboard of 'Jalan Ritchie' which you need to make a left turn right there, is facing the other side. Probably you will miss that junction if you're a 1st timer. But it's OK you can make a U-turn at Great Eastern Mall and look carefully for Jalan Ritchie, this time on your right.
Turn right to Jalan Ritchie and then another right to Persiaran Ritchie. That Latte Place is the first building on your left. Inside Yayasan Seni compound.
Verdict for egg benedict: Speechless. Go meleleh!!!

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