Sunday, 13 March 2016

Big Girl's Toy #1 - Philips Air Fryer


Budget 2016 has approved a purchase of Philips Air Fryer to promote a healthier cooking method. I bought this fryer at Best Denki, Suria KLCC in a very fine evening after doing some Google research about it.

I baked some cupcakes, fry nuggets and fries, just to try and play with the fryer.

The main 1st battle was to make ayam percik at The Nahara. My sis in law prepared the marinade paste and I settled the digital thing---> put inside the fryer, set the time and temperature, and then jump into the pool again. 20 minutes after that a basket of juicy, succulent ayam percik was ready to satisfy those swimmers hunger game.

So far I am very satisfied with the quality of foods which been fried using the air fryer. Somehow it gives me less guilty feeling when consuming fried foods because no oil was involved in the frying process. Amazing isn't it?! 

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