Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Kdin's Clan Get Together at The Nahara, Kalumpang

Villa The Nahara tempat berkumpul untuk 24 jam

Ibu-ibu kami. 
Belah kanan adelah tok besan mama #2 (ibu mertua Ezam)

Haishh memang takde ceghita lain la..berendam ja sampai kecut dan rentung

Maksu pon sama naik

Malam acara main jenga dan..aku layan Kungfu Hustle kat TV hahaha

Ni masa gerak2 khas nak chiow balik

Aku ngan Ija takes turn ambik gamba. 
Takpe la tahun monyet punya pasal kami sacrifice amik family photo berganti2. Nampak tak Kaseh buat perangai takmau bagi kerjasama?

The booking has been made since October 2015 due to the peak season during CNY 2016. The Nahara Villa has 5 super huge bedrooms but it comes with only one queen bed. If you have a big family, please bring extra toto/mattress and pillows to ensure the optimum undisturbed sleep within your stay.

I would say that the sofas appearance is quite unpleasant as some spots of dunno what could be seen on the surface. For the rental of RM 1800/night, I personally think that the owner/ management of The Nahara Villa could easily afford a sofa fabric restoration or at least a proper cleaning by the expert. 

Other than that, the bathrooms were spotlessly clean and the rooms were neat. I am satisfied with the kitchen, dining room and living room layout. The Nahara really made us together. On another notes about the pool, kiddos really enjoyed their splashing time. With proper guidance from their maksu as the coach, all sorts of crying dramas and fighting had been minimized and no major incident was reported until we checked out.

Foods were abundant. From the potluck lauks, kueh-mueh yang beratos itu, BBQ evening, steamboat breakfast and then farewell lunch, semua best! Lucky the mat motors who were at the campsite near the riverside as they got big supply of foods from us hehehe, rezeki kamu semua..

All in all everyone was grinning ear-to-ear and I'm glad that we've made Kdin's Clan together again. Remember as the saying goes, home is where your family is!

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