Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Langkawi 2016

A small hut at Delta Motel, Pantai Cenang

Luggage pink tu roda tercabut mase touch down KLIA time balik. 
Selesai berkhidmat selama 5 tahun 

Borrowed this book from Mr. Jai's mini library, 
brought along my fav mug and hyppo

All is good. Journal reading whenever possible as I was struggling to finish 
my research proposal (Chapter 2, Literature Review - due date in 9 days)

Boat ride to Pulau Dayang Bunting. Some hiking to reach the lake.

How I miss swimming in this fresh water lake. 
I didn't rent the life jacket as it will slow down my mobility in the water.
Thanks to the tough guy who pulled me up from the lake. 
I dunno why I just couldn't climb up by myself using the pool steps.
Cuak jugak la kot mereput kat tasik tu sorang2 huhuhu

Back to the hut for 2nd night and thought of switching my stay to The Cabin

Challenging route to the lake
Priceless experience awaits

Hop on to next door - The Cabin and rented a scooter for a mere RM 30/day

Went for a body pampering session at Alun- Alun SPA, Pantai Tengah. 
Taktau depa hembus apa, 
takdan 5 minit picit  ku terlena lepas tu ahhh dah siap cik!

Sekali- sekala tengok sawah padi

Pantai Rhu yang sungguh tenang, teringin nak bercinta kat sini. 
Nantilah hehe..

Air kelapa is a must during a scorching hot afternoon

Pindah randah amalan kita

Long life digital nomad!

Kayuputi @ St. Regis

Best sunset view ever

Hanging hammock

Melawat saudara-mara di Saloma Nasi Lemak Panas @ Jeti Kuah

Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

Sakan student USM, sampai sini korang photoshoot konvo

Riding through Bukit Malut from Kuah to Pantai Cenang. 
Best sea view, breezy and cold

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger literally. At this point of my life, I was going through a great frustration and a really sad situation. I cried every night in my sleep for 2 months. Wah depressed sangat bunyinya tu, macam mati laki je hahaha!
That was then la, kenangan pahit la jugak, walaupun sebelum tu manis bersemut. Ala ingat cemni dah la, everything in this life is temporary. In fact everything heals. Your mind heals, time heals, words heal and your happiness will come back. Bad times don't last. Kalau pegang yang tu betul2, jalan terus je. Chill lah!

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