Friday, 4 September 2015

Perth 5D4N: The Journey

Akak was trying to selfie with abang-abang pilot


Finally the day has come for us to embark our much anticipated journey to Perth, the orang putih land. Abang Pozi n Akak arrived Sri Gombak at 6.30 a.m. to fetch mama n myself. Traffic to KLIA was so smooth and the morning calmness seemed to fade away once we reached KLIA. That morning, KLIA was so packed with long weekend travelers. I've done web check in 2 days before flying but I still have to queue to drop our luggage. And it took me one and half hour just to do that. 

Mingling, chatting with fellow travelers who were queuing up in front and behind me about this and that. In front of me was a lady from Felda Travel who was sending MTCP audit course participant back to Myanmar. While behind me was a family of 3 person who were traveling to Melbourne. This uncle migrated from Malaysia to Australia in year 1994. He said the procedures, rules and regulations to migrate were quite lenient back then, but nowadays Australian Government is more strict on this matter. I started to visualize about moving to Australia and get the Permanent Resident status while chatting with him. Wah berangan sangat!

I dropped all the bags and we were good for boarding time. As mama was on the wheelchair, we passed all the checkpoints in the fast lane. Bliss. In flight experience was pleasant with smooth take off, good f&b and landing. I filled up the arrival cards for 3 of us and prayed for a smooth custom clearance in Perth Airport.

Unfortunately 2 out of 3 luggage that we checked in did not arrive in Perth. I was in panic attack but thanks to my sister who always in calm and take it easy mode. I just proceed to the missing luggage counter and reported about our case.

Then we were given a paper and being told that somebody will call us within 24 hours to update about the missing luggage. While outside at the arrival hall, Kamilia has been waiting for us for quite a while. We passed the custom hassle free and no dog was involved in the process.

Me and Kamilia sipping some hot drinks 
at 6000 Acres while waiting for our car 

Meet and greet was done. We have not seen each other for years, oi serius lama betul. Hertz Car Rental counter was closed for 30 minutes and I couldn't collect the car. I booked for Toyota Yaris and it was not available. The same segment car which are available was Mitsubishi Mirage. Owh dear! What a small car. We have big big passengers from Malaysia I've got to add AUD5 per day for an upgrade to a Toyota Corolla. I will elaborate further on driving in Perth in next entry. We reached Kamilia's house safely in Onslow Street, South Perth at 6pm. Kamilia prepared a lovely dishes of ayam masak kicap and sambal udang with nasi putih for dinner. Thanks Kamilia, susah2 je :p


This is the missing luggage. Delivered to Onslow Street at 8 pm. I am working on to get some compensation from MAS (already logged a complaint) and filling some insurance claim form for delayed baggage. 

Owh ya, my crib for the next 4 nights in Perth. Pinkish, warm and cozy.

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