Monday, 21 September 2015

Perth 5D4N: Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Layan blues jiwang karat kat Kings Park..

Towing in progress. What a heavy sister I have hehehe
Akak yang 'happy' setelah beli contact lens solution botol kecil 
dengan harga AUD 10 :p

 Mama memang tak berdaya nak ronda di dalam kesejukan,
hanya mampu rehat-rehat dan membuat pemerhatian.

Perth City in the background


We did some groceries shopping at IGA South Perth earlier in the morning before heading to Perth CBD to get contact lens solution for my sis. After the thrilling driving sensation around the CBD (Central Business District) we straightly went to the Kings Park. It is an iconic, must visit place if you come to Perth.

Actually the park is pretty huge and has a lot of places to explore and best to enjoy nature. Just google about it and you will easily find the information. I just strolled along the park where the war monument is situated. Apparently Mama couldn't enjoy this place that much because it requires a lot of walking. Kasihan ibuku sakit lutut...

We snapped as many photos as we could as the scenery is very very beautiful. I miss that cloudy and clear sky. Some photos are not suitable for public view though hehehe..just keep it safely for my eyes.

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