Thursday, 3 September 2015

Perth 5D4N : The Preparation

I've got the Malaysian passport quite late at the age of 31 years old. I've visited Singapore, Krabi, Bali, Bandung, Hatyai and Jakarta since then. Australia and other developed countries have always been a dream destination for me. 

With all the curiousity and doubtfulness I booked 3 tickets to Perth for mama, akak and myself in last March. At that time MAS was having some promotion for MATTA Fair. We got a good bargain of RM972/pax for return ticket. Owh ya, before clicking at any date I asked my friend, Kamilia about the best time to visit Perth. 

Finally I chose 29/8 - 2/9 to visit Perth as it will be the end of winter while spring is in the air! I love it when it's sunny but the wind is cold and breezy. Since Perth will be in low temperature during our visit, we have to be well equipped with thermal wear. Below are my heattech socks (RM 39.90/2 pairs) and thermal wear (RM 49.90) from Uniqlo. I bought the glove from Daiso, just RM 5. I just recycle my red jacket also from Uniqlo which I always wear in my freezing cold office.

5 months passed by in no time. I went through a hectic schedule as I was juggling between work and my postgraduate study. 

Hence this trip will be a reward for my months of hard work and late night revision.

The plan was like this:

Accomodation - Kamilia's house
Transport       - Hertz Car Rental
Itinerary        - TBA by Kamilia 

I started making some research on visiting Perth after I finished my 1st semester final exam in June. Mr. Google has always been a friend of mine. Thanks to Malaysian Bloggers who precisely jotting down every single experience in their blogs. Thanks to Kamilia who had been consistently answering my Whatsapp messages despite her tight schedule in Perth. Susah2 je :))

Besides, I studied some maps which Yan @ Red Kebaya brought back from Perth.  Also not forgetting all those night chatting with Sheikh Ismardi Ismail just to ease my worried mind prior to this trip. Bear with me..this is just the beginning.

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